Cambrian Basalt Paving & Cobblestone

Cambrian Basalt Patio Stone is widely known for its beauty and functionality. Whether you choose random flagstone for the more rustic look or cut to size pavers for the cleaner more formal look. Having a variety of finishes from flamed, flamed & brushed, sandblasted, honed, and bush hammered you will be completely satisfied. Having a choice of grey or black or a combination of both will make your patio, driveway, and walkway look timeless.

Additional information


1.5" & thicker


Made to your specification., stock sizes are 1.5"x12"x24" & 1.5"x24"x24" in a flamed finish


Flamed, Flamed & Brushed, Sandblasted, Bush Hammered, Scratched


1.5" = 23.75 pounds a square foot, 2" = 31.65 pounds a square foot