About Bedrock

In 1983 Greg Raymond began Bedrock Granite Sales by hand splitting granite boulders and selling the products to local masons. Today Greg, along with his four sons Nathan, David, Jared and Aaron, operate Bedrock Granite Sales as well as a Hardy Island Granite Quarry and several local Basalt quarries.

The acquisition of the basalt quarries adds a whole new product line for our landscapers such as: columns, wall stone, mini wall, steps, steppers, water features, and boulders. Bedrock Granite Sales has evolved into one of North America’s leading stone producers. There is no project too big or too small for our highly trained staff to handle. We supply building stone and landscaping stone for residential and for commercial projects.

Bedrock Granite Sales has grown substantially due to the popularity of their stone which is quarried locally and fabricated. The Raymond family takes great pride in their work which is reflected in the high quality of their products and the exceptional customer service provided to their customers. As a result, they have earned an outstanding reputation within the local communities as well as with the stone industry.

To produce such high quality products, Bedrock Granite Sales has purchased “state of the art” equipment available for the stone industry. They have an Eagle ll Diamond saw that is capable of sawing slabs to a height of 60” and the Predator Diamond saw which is capable of sawing to a height of 24”. The Hydrasplit 300 stone splitting machine provides high quality building stone with no drill marks and the Thin Stone TXS saw, which cuts stone as thin as 1 + 1/2″, has definitely revolutionized the building stone industry. Additionally, Bedrock Granite Sales has acquired a GMM Axia saw for fast and efficient cutting of slabs and blocks as well as for custom fabrication including straight line profiling.