Valdes Sandstone

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Valdes sandstone is one of Bedrock Natural Stones newest quarries found on Valdes Island, across from Galiano Island, in beautiful British Columbia. There are no other active sandstone quarries in the Pacific Northwest. Valdes sandstone testing has come back very good in regards to compressive strength, hardness, freeze/thaw and moisture absorption, making it a very desirable stone asIt can be used in any climate below or above freezing. Valdes sandstone when first quarried is mainly a blue gray colour but as the stone dries out, ages to a mid gray colour. Due to its workability there is a wide range of products that can be made with the Valdes Sandstone, from sills, coping, pillar caps, pavers, natural thin stone veneers, veneer stones, stair treads, blocks, ashlar, ledgestone, and random facing stone. It is one of the few sandstones on the market that flames due to its hardness. With its natural colour tone it compliments other stones as well. Bedrock Natural Stone feels the colour of the Valdes Sandstone was needed in our marketplace as there is no other stone like it. We look forward to supplying the Valdes Sandstone to your residential or commercial project