Natural Stone Veneer

Add a bit of rustic charm to any property with a natural stone veneer exterior. These quarried and cut details work to beautify homes and boost curb appeal on residential and commercial spaces.

Stone can add an incredible beauty to any property and vastly improve the appearance and ambiance of both interior and exterior spaces. It’s a wonderful, durable product to use as siding or for other decorative projects.

Our natural stone veneer is available in a variety of styles, shades, and dimensions, and there are several available types of stone to choose from. Whether the design requires the type of stone that exhibits a contemporary and elegant look, or one that displays a more charming and old-style look, there is a veneer to satisfy any taste and any project.

Vieira limestone is one of our newest products and is available in a split face with either naturally broken or sawn ends. It is available in soft shades of light beige, gray/blue, or warm brown.

Whistler basalt is a volcanic rock that is quarried in Whistler, British Columbia. It is a charcoal grey-colored stone with a slightly weathered face that brilliantly complements patios, steps, retaining walls, and walkways.

The West Coast Blend variety is a combination of our Whistler basalt and Mountain Chalet rhyolite. It has a liner or rectangular appearance and the stones are often narrow in height with varying lengths.

Country Estate limestone is another gorgeous, fair-toned veneer that creates a magnificently beautiful siding for homes and buildings.

Our Hardy Island granite is quarried just off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. It’s a beautiful stone that can adorn any space. The Hardy Island granite Ashlar Pattern is available with either naturally broken or sawn ends.

Blacktusk basalt is a stunning medium to dark-toned natural stone veneer that, in addition to siding, is often used in the construction of beautiful water features, attractive and durable retaining walls, and a variety of other decorative projects.

Natural stone veneer makes a wonderful addition to any property. There are numerous varieties of stone to choose from and, depending on which style is preferred for a particular project, various shapes and sizes are also available. In addition to adding value, it is an incredibly durable and long lasting product that can greatly enhance the attractiveness of any building or property. It does not require the maintenance that some other construction materials need and makes for an amazing decorative stone that lasts and adds appeal for years to come.